What is the best way to spend money?

In this topic we have thought of the different vaules of money and i have been thinking about how different people send their money.

I think Gold wouldnt really be a good suggestion as nobody would know where to get the gold from.We use credit cards now but some people have a bad credit rating a so some banks would not let them have a credit card therefore they wouldn't be able to buy anything. Some people would argue that the difference between rich people and poor people would be that rich peple would buy all the dear things and wouldn't care of what they buy because they have lots of money where as poor people would be very cautious as to what they are buying due to the amount of money that they have.They would propbably buy cheap things rather than dear things. I think that online banking is a good idea for rich people as they have lots of money to buy on the internet.Poor people wouldnt have the money to buy as much on the internet and online banking is powerd by the internet.

Personally I think notes and coins would be the best solution to this article because you dont have to spend any more than you are buying . Comment below what you think woud be the best solution for this argument?

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