What kind of business would you chose and why?


staerting abussines is the best way to start making money, and fast. your bussiness can be small like making cakes and selling them, or you can litteraly create millions of pounds worth out of creating gadgets that change the world! whatever it is, it's a business, and you can make it grow.

If I had to start a business, i would create an app or a website. Apps like tik tok (musica.ly) or even candycrush and websites like twitter and facebook have made billions worth. that is because these websites/apps are uesfull /fun and people want to make use of them. creating an app that would be functional, interesting and useful would get people to want to download my app. If my app has good reviews, then people will want to get sponsered by me, which will get me money and good reviews. Others who want to make my app reach sucsess would pay to put my app up for adverts. Then somebody would buy the whole bussines and i will get lots of money. i would also get money if my app had a charge. I would use my 100,000 pounds to buy a good team of programmers and IT's. that would help me develop the app to actually make it exist. after i hired he programmers, i would buy computers for each of the people in my team. withought computers, my team wouldn't be able to progamme my app. i would also need a person who is good with communication and knows what people are interested in. that person will go around getting ideas and adding that information to my app to make it more useful and so others will like it.

I would make a business of creating a app as i get lots of income and the app should help others have an esier life. I would probaly create an app on how to save, earn and spend your money to prevent further financial cricies and helping others manage their money, saving them tons of times. as a bonus, my app will be offline so people can use it any where they go (just, new information wouldn't come in until they connect to Wi-Fi)

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    12 Nov 2018

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