What rules should the bank set ???


I think that it would be fair if the bank should make up a new rule , that people need to bring prooth that they would bring the money that they borrow back and if they don’t pay it back by the end of the year they should be banned from taking money from the banks and they should be in prison for about two years .

The banks will loose a lot of money if people go to the banks and take a rediculas amount of money out of the banks ,

this is not helping the banks this is making the banks loose money and if there is a low amount of money left in the bank they will not allow people to take money out of the banks so it won’t be fair on the people who take a decent amount out of the bank and it wont be fair on the people who give the money back th the banks when the banks need the money back .

Can we help the banks in any way ???

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