what rules should the banks set ?

the bank lends money to alot of people and places without really thinking . for example ; sarah donatd 40 thousnd pounds to Amanda , later on Amanda couldnt pay the money back at all ! she promised that next month she would pay both portoins of the money and keep paying them look at this message I LIkE you A LOT and I love you ; as you can see the Message seems sweet but behind the meaning the capital letters show that really that’s not happens ands the sam3 sort of story with saying you can pay money back when you can’t . That’s why there should be a sort of rule where , you have to show proof of your credit score and if it is not high enough , you can’t borrow money !

I would like like to hear what sort of rules you guys think the bank should set . ( p.e.e ) point evidence explanation

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