What the whole World needs


Rich countries like the UK and Quater don't need things like this but the poorer countries need water. Places like Africa spend most of their money on it becuse it is not easily located. I feel that instead of the bank giving away money so easily to people that aren't very vulnerable they should of used that money to give to charities that help vulnerable countries. Water is the only thing that humans can't live without so with some countries lacking water that means the population of people in that part of the world decreases. As we are all human and we live in the same world we should find solutions to other people's problems just like friends. That money that was given away could have made an impact on things that are needed or lack of in other places.

Questions: Why did the bank give away money to easily?

What are the government going to do about?

What will the bank of England do about this?

I'm desperate to know why they did it and if it was their fault that this happened.