What Would Happen If There Was No Financial Crisis?


What would happen if there wasn`t a financial crisis? Would we still have all our money? Or did we need to have the financial crisis to make things better?We want to know your opinions.

crafty_context thinks that we needed the financial crisis because it could of given us a chance to restart and think about what we need to do but also its a bad thing because people lost their jobs and all their precious life savings.This goes back to the magazine publisher and that he lost all his money and his buisness during the finacial crisis in 2008.

This question can also go both ways so comment down below youropinion because it counts.

(By crafty_context )

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  • If the financial crisis did not occur I predict that everyone would be wealthier than they are today due to the fact that people lost valuable jobs that they relied on as their source of currency and wages.

  • if this whole financial crisis had not have happened a lot of thing I believe would have been different 1 people wouldn't have lost money soo more people would have been richer and 2 not as many people in as the world we know it today would be homeless because at school we have learnt the more people who lost money the more people who became homeless

  • If there were no financial crisis I think that everyone would start to take advantage of money. So everyone would use money too much on things that we don't need.