What would happen if we took away money, and we had to use something else to trade our things?


I have a fairly interesting question for you.

What would happen if money wasn't a thing anymore?

Would we have to change what we trade things out for?

Let me actually "define" money for you, in my own, weird way, which is what I think money really is.

I think money is actually what we use to trade things in for.

So, if you really think about it, money is just what we use to trade other things for ourselves.

Now then, that means that if we removed money, we would just replace it, with something else that we would use to trade the things that we want.

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  • I think I would trade with anything instead of paying with money because there might be something you want to give away and someone else really want it and you wouldn't want to give away your money. I think the world would be a lot better that way. I think what you are saying is a very good thing to talk about. Thank you for your post, it is a lot of help.

  • We might just trade items for other items like trading a bigger leather jacket for a smaller leather jacket or wood for a seed for a tree

  • I think that we could all trade with other things such as food, games and other things like that . Also, we do not even need money we only need it for very important things. And the only reason why we have money is because we WANT to spend it.

  • I think that:
    The world would not be prepared for a life without no money. If for example tommorow money was out of bounds then we would be doomed. Personally I would have thought that the only way to buy something would then be to barter/trade things of equal importance. Also this would have major effects on all the shops because the money they had collected would know be worth nothing. Furthermore if we where to use the trading system those with little objects might not be able to trade for food.
    Overall I do not think that a life without money would work ; we have become to reliant on it. It would take a gradual transition period for a life without money to even become close to a possibility.

    Do you think that it is good that everywhere in the world has a different currency?
    I think that it is a good thing that everywhere in the world should not have the same currency. I think that it is a good thing because it gives a country an identity and that if the world was to have the same currency what currency would it be?
    What do you think?

  • 1. What if money wasn't a thing anymore?
    If money wasn't a thing, we would have to give presious things away to get it, because some people aren't that kind to another...
    2.Would we have to trade out things?
    Probely yes so that could be fair, because its not really good to trust a strainger when selling !
    3.i call money "everlasting sourse", because money is a life time and if money wans't here then that means you need o work to get things for free.... and i would NOT like that...