What would the world be like if everyone in humanity became bankrupt ?


Have you ever wondered how you would be able to afford your shopping if no one in the globe could lend you money to afford food and survival supplies ?

Maybe some scientists could predict when the world would go bankrupt and inform banks all around the world to stop giving out money that they cant afford so people would be able to survive instead of not being killed and turned into food. Another solution to this crisis could be to report this on a world global news station . This could work because if everyone was aware of the situation they could put their money in a bank so then everyone could spend their money wisely instead of spending it on things that they never use . Another answer to this situation could be for everything to be free , however I do not think this would be a realistic solution because main people wouldnt benefit from this - shop owners would not be able to survive hence this couldnt work . Although some people would agree with one of my solutions, I dont believe everyone would listen to this so some people would die eventually as no one would be able to give them money . Do you agree?