What would the world be like if there was no money?


Have you ever stopped and thought what the world would be like with no money? Maybe we could trade things we have for new things or we could take things for free. No one knows what would hapen in the future but we do know what the present will be like. Would people be more happy than they are now or would people be more miserable?

We have not always relied on money. In the past people traded their goods and services without money being exchanged. In some places in the world this still happens. When people just exchanged for what they needed, they didnt get greedy. However, money can make people greedy because they always want more and more every day. Furthermore people often spend money that they don't have using credit cards and catalogues to buy things they don't really need like chocolate, take-aways and video games. At Christmas, children want more and more and that is where money goes. The true message of Christmas can get forgotten because people get too hung up on money and presents. If money wasn't around we would not have to worry about the things that we dont need. Instead we would just focus on the things we do need to keep us alive and healthy. There would be no such thing as debt and people wouldnt be miserable chasing after things they can't afford. Without money the world would be peaceful and people would be more content with the things they have.

What do you think? I would like you to give me what you think and why.

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  • Money will always be needed! The worlds jobs could never be filled without it and the economy would crumble with no incentive to work. Vandalism would be on the rise as a large number of people will be bored with no jobs and will result to destructive measures. Taxes would be nonexistent stopping health care, police, teachers and other government services creating a lower standard of living and higher death rates. Nasa would have to be a private company run by volunteers who's work can't even be funded! There would be no banks, shares or lending it would be none other than a catastrophic disaster. We need money and there is a reason why it is here: to create order and an incentive to work and a reason to expand are society. In less a replacement could be created the whole worlds development would be paralyzed or even go backwards.