What would you do with £1,000,000,000?


What would you do with £100,000,000? Would you spend it all on chocolate, sweets, biscuits, crisps or many other ridiculous snacks? Or would you buy the latest iphone, or ipad, or any other popular trend?Well, I would spend at least £10 billion on different charities. I would share the £10 billion unevenly and donate to charities like Save the Children, the British Red Cross, Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, Comic Relief and many others. I would then donate a divided £30 billion of the money to my family members and friends, and to those that I know of that are in desperate need of it. I would then spend some more of the money to buy a gigantic, luxurious mansion, with 20 bedrooms, and 52 rooms in total, this house will be for me, my family and some friends that want to live there. I would then buy a Mercedes car for my family. So I'm left with still quite a lot of money, I would spend the rest of the money on everyday life, help other people to pay for things that they can't afford, and if any other opportunity to help someone comes my way, I would take it.

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