What would you put on the £50 note?

Last week, the weekly competition was 'Who would you put on the £50 note?' and it got me thinking. I would not put a person on the £50 note. Instead, I would put Dumbo the Elephant on the £50 note because he is a recognisable character, as well as being inspirational. It would be good if the thing on the £50 note was recognisable because then people would actually know what it was that was on their money. I also say he would be good on the £50 note because he is inspirational. The reason I say this is because he defined the odds of ‘elephants can’t fly’ and he was very resilient in doing it. Dumbo is also inspirational to many people because you have probably watched it as a small child and he was determined, which then teaches children a very important value at a very young age. Dumbo also teaches us to not be embarrassed by our differences. It encourages us to embrace them and realise that it’s what makes us unique.

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