When banks go wrong it affects all of us.


When there is a problem in the banks and they start to break down because of money issues it is not yet the end of the world however it is a big tragedy as when the banks actually do break down then it is most likely you would lose every single bit of money , also another issue that would later o occur from the first one ( financial issue ) and it would make many banking organisations would also break down which could be one of the worst news ever. Some of the most known and the biggest bankin organisations like Barklays , BNP Paribas , Metro Bank , LLoyds Bank and many , many more could even break down and that would be a catastrophe.

Many money would have been lost and literaly no one could do anything about it or anything to stop that and I believe that only when they found out that there is a financial crisis then they would go rushing to banks to get their money and if there would be over 200 people rushing into one bank then that situation could have terrible effects like riots or more!

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