Where Has All The Money Gone?


Hello! inventive_bat & crafty_content here.We want to ask where has all the money gone in this Financial Crisis?

We think, most people splashed their cash on things that they didn`t need and forgot about their house and family. They should`ve thought about their family and their health. We also think that they may have been putting it into their own or other peoples businesses. This may happen when other businesses are going in dept.

An example is - Janny is saving up for a house. She needs this house for herself and her family.Then she gets a phone call from her friend bobby. He says " Im running out of money for my business Bobs Burgers can you lend me some money.

She said no.

Did Janny do the right thing?

Would she have earnt monre money?

Would you take the risk

We Found Out

It started out by the Lehman Brothers. They were a global growing bank. In September 2008 they almost started the financial crisis. GDP is still below its pre-crisis peak in many rich countries, especially in Europe. This started as the banks started to give out loans to people that they didn`t need. This can effect the ecomony by there being no banks!

( More Infomation! https://www.economist.com/schools-brief/2013/09/07/crash-course )

Where do you think all the moneys gone? Did you think Janny made the right choise?

By inventive_bat & crafty_content

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