Which is important - Money or Pocket Money?


Money is important because...

Money makes your life easier, not necessarily happier.

Money will take care of the bills - so that you can spend more time with your loved ones, rather, struggling out there to make ends meet.

Money serves as a great means for our future generations.

Money can be a great tool of security - it could shield you from ill health, arrange safety for your loved ones - can take care of you when you are old.

Money can help make a difference in the world, it could ignite a cause brighter, offer a helping hand to the needy.

In my opinion, I think that pocket money is not that important to us and it depends on how much the child is getting.

And also some children don't know how to spend money and they might just spend it on expensive things and a lot of children spend it on the things their friends get.

I think the best age to start giving a child pocket money is at the age of eight and you should be able to teach that child how and when to spend it.

So I don't really know which one is important.

What do you think?

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