Who I think is to blame

Who I think is to blame

Many were responsible for the Financial Crisis, and that was the reason for its horrifying impact on the world. However, I believe that more than one could have caused the crisis: The bankers bosses and the government, I want to show you why I think that this is the case

First of all, The Bankers Bosses may be responsible because of their current job. They can control the bankers choices and the money they are paid. When bankers were lending out bigger loans, they took bigger risks. The bankers bosses gave them larger salaries for this and then the financial crisis struck Europe.

Secondly, The Government are possibly to blame because of what they done during the crisis. The government are in charge of the Bank Of England, which was supporting all England’s banks, that stores all gold in our country. When banks closed, they tried despr to rescue them but this cost billions of money, empowering the loss of our currency.

Do you agree? Comment below who you think is to blame.

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