Who is to blame?

the Financial crisist took place about 10 years ago. Many people where removed from there homes, because buisneses were having to be closed. the bankers had been payed rewards by there boses for making more money. Since the goverment didn't make stricter rules, the banks took more risks because they thought that they would be payed rewards.

the risks were making them less money since they were letting people who could not pay back borrow money.They ended up having to have help from the goverment wich angerd people becuase they should be paying more hospitals instead of banks.

Who do you think is to blame?

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  • I think that the government is to blame for the Financial crisis because they did not make strict rules for the banks and allowed them to be paid larger salaries for giving bigger loans. Instead, government should have set rules in which banks would still be safe with their supply of money.
    They could do this by having an conversation with the person before lending to see if this citizen would manage to give money afterward.

  • I think the government is to blame as they just sat there and they could have helped they could have do something and changed something yet the get tax and then when they don’t get money that’s then they care.