who is to blame?

The real question is who is to blame? No one knows. Everyone has there own reason to get blamed, these are the reasons:

The general public are to blame because, they shouldnt take the money from the banks not knowing that they might not be able to pay the money back. Everyone should check if they can pay the money back before taking it.

The bankers are to blame because, they should check that the people they are lending the money too can pay it back. One way to check is to check their pay slips, and they could check their bank statements, then that way they can prevent lending money to people who can't pay back.

The bankers bosses are to blame as if they didn't offer a bonus to the bankers when they made more money they would not be persuaded to take the risk and give out risky loans, therefore there will not be another crisis.

Also, the government are to blame as they didn't set strict enough rules for the banks, so due to there not being strict rules the banks bosses persuaded the banker to give out risky loans.

Comment below who you think is to blame.