Who is to blame for the financial crisis? Banks or the Government?


As a club, we discussed whether it was the individual bankers or the Government who were to blame. We used the opinion: "The government didn't set strict rules for banks, which meant the banks could take more risks with people's money." to help us. These are our individual opinions in our first blog post.

I think the government is to blame because it is just like little toddlers who make the wrong choices. So the older ones have to make sure they tell them to be careful and to do the right thing. The banks are the toddlers and the older ones are the government. Outstanding_wolf

I think the bankers are to blame because they took the choice to take the risks. Stellar_context

Maybe the boss of the bank is the one to blame because they should take care of and look after people's money and they didn't do that. Sympathetic_music

I think that it's the bankers' fault because they keep the money but I think they should not keep the money in case they take it. Can we trust them? They might not give it to the people who save money with them. tidy_turtle

I think it is the banks' fault because they shouldn't be risking too much. The risk was a bad choice because it went into the financial crisis. outstanding_passionfruit

I think it is kinda OK but not OK at the same time because some banks took more risks than others and other banks took money from those banks even though they were more risky. inventive_revolution

It is both of their faults as the banks took too much of what they were given and the government didn't give any rules so the banks just did as they wanted to. And this caused the financial crisis. balanced_artist

I think that it was the both the government and the bankers who were at fault. For example, a banker a stole some money and the police caught them and the bankers said "Well the government didn't tell me not to." When the police spoke to the Government, the government says: "I didn't tell them to do it. So why is it my fault?" Both of them were to blame because the Government should have set rules but the bankers should have known it was wrong. amazing_wombat

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