Who should get the money?


Vicky who wants to buy an expensive watch

Manoj who wants to buy a house for his family

Tyreke who wants to start a business selling cars

Elisa who wants to start a charity helping refugees in the UK

So far in my opinion, I think , that Manoj deserves to get the money, I think this because he might need a better atmosphere for his family or he has a new job or his family has grown and he needs more space.

However, if you read the rest of the text, you will start to think in a different way if you read this:

Vicky had her watch stolen last week

Manoj owes a lot of money already

Tyreke's car business would create a lot of jobs around the local area

Elisa doesn't have any experience in running a charity

If you wonder why I haven't picked Elisa as the person who deserved the money, it was because 1, she has no experience, 2, the refugees have refugee camps where they already stay in. But it is a thoughtful idea.

I still think the money should go to Manoj but he owes too much money and that would increase his troubles, but on the activity, it doesn't say that he doesn't have lots of money so in the same time, he could be a wealthy man.

Comment who you think deserves the money.

Thank you.

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