Who would you give the money to if you were a bank?

One of my favourite B.N.C sessions so far this year was this session. It involved so many different skills and thoughts that I felt like I really challenged the questions and my answers. However, the question bellow is the one I felt I really benefited from. I really enjoyed it and I hope you did too!

One of my favourite questions was "who would you give the money to if you were a bank?" My group originally chose Vicky (who wanted to buy an expensive watch) because we thought that she would be the person to most likely pay us back. We gathered this from the fact that she was the one that probberly needed the least money. A watch is often something that people use for a reason. This made us think she was a fairly reliable person who needed something realistic and worth while. Do you see what I mean?!?

The others we had doubts about. What if the business didn't go well? As charitys don't get that much money- especially for themselves- it felt a little risky putting trust in her. A house is quite A lot of money. So surely Vicky is the best person to give the money to.

Then we found out Vicky lost a watch last week.

In some ways I was kind of upset. We had so many well thought out read that it seemed a shame that happened. I guess that is why she wants a new watch so she could replace her old one. Now I am torn. Yes, maybe we can still give her the money as some of our reasons were ok. The only other things was that the car business was doing well. People felt that the car business was still the best but think I'm still not so sure. I would love to hear your opinion.

Back to the fact that this BBC session was great, I think that I really benefited from this session. What did you think of it and my opinion?!?!

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 08 Nov 2018

    Well done, impartial panda bear! It's great to hear your thinking from the sessions and you've used your storytelling skill here brilliantly to communicate your thoughts and feelings during the activity.

    I wonder why you were sceptical about the car business? Can you give some reasons for why you doubt it was the best option?

  • If i worked in a bank I would give money to people that I knew would give money back.I could be sure by checking their bills and making sure that they weren't expensive.