Who's fault is it?


I have these 5 people for you: bankers, the banker's bosses, the goverment and the public. I have seen and disscussed this matter deeply, as I'm sure most of you have. The bankers have the money and the respect of the people. But who's to blame?

Bankers take the money of the people and turn it into a safe of their own. Now, the bankers do their job and work at a standard that is useful. But, if the bankers make a mistake, regardless if it's a big one, the banker's bosses come into action. They have the authority to stop them.

The public, us, we have also a blame to take. We sometimes give the bank money to save it or store it for us until needed. But, if we do that and then foolishly can't pay back whatever the bank needs we are the 'problem.' We must respect the bankers as they help as, but keep in mind of their future requests.

Now, we have the goverment. This isn't much as the other few. The goverment is can be also put to blame because they don't put enought strict rules for the bankers.

I honestly think that all of these people deserve a blame.

But please let me know what you think.

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