Whose fault - the banker's bosses or the government?


You can break the financial crisis into 4 parts, which play role in this issue: the bankers individually, their bosses, the government and the public themselves. The bankers were to blame for some people as they could've helped to resolve this problem, but that shouldn't be the case. Their bosses are in control of what their workers do. If the bankers make a mistake, it is up to the boss to fix it. Also, they give the bankers rewards for how much money they earn, dragging them into the greediness of taking the risk of letting anyone borrow money, knowing that they wouldn't be able to pay the bank the money requested after. On the other hand, we have the government. They are to blame as they didn't set a strict set of rules. This meant that banks had much more lenient rules to obey, which allowed some banks to do whatever they want. This lead to banks being shut down.

Like the title says, it is your opinion to choose which one is to blame. There is no right or wrong. It's your point of view.

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