The main topic is about the Financial Crisis. People becoming homeless... banks becoming bankrupt...people owing debt... So I've decided to write a post about some points why the banks should be blamed?

Mostly because banks are giving to much money to people who cant pay back money but also its kind of our falt to.

say that someone is giving you something that you realy wanted then they said you have to pay back but you knew you couldent pay back but you still took it if that was money and the bank gave it thats called bankrupt

if i did any thing wrong please comment

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  • St-Josephs-Northfleet-logo-250x250.jpg proactive_raspberry | St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Northfleet
    21 Nov 2018

    Well......... Its not so much the banks fault because although the bank were quater of the finacial crisis to blame there was also the goverment to blam the bannkers bossess to blame and the public. So techniclay we were all to blame in 2008. Let me tell you a story, I was watching a finacial crisis vidio and it said the Bank are to blame . I was shocked i disagreed immidiatly. I was like : the banks wern't all to blame . What about the bank Bosses? What About the Goverment? What about the Public? Wern't they to blame

    Anyway what do you think. Who is to blame? And Why?

    1. St-Josephs-Northfleet-logo-250x250.jpg energetic_conversation | St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Northfleet
      proactive_raspberry's comment 24 Nov 2018

      Aren't the Bank Bosses technically part of the Bank?

  • Millbank-logo-250x250.jpg joyous_quince | Millbank Academy A
    21 Nov 2018

    I think your right that banks should be blamed because most of the time they take the money for themselves without thinking the consequence of the person or people.What I’m basically trying to say bankers shouldn’t charge people as much money as they do right now.

  • Streatham-Wells-logo-250x250.jpg wise_physics | Streatham Wells Primary School
    21 Nov 2018

    I agree with some of these points but the banks aren't the only people who should be blame because two other types of people are responsible as well. The Government aren't saying no to people borrowing money which is part of the problem and people borrowing money are borrowing money they know they can't pay back.

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