Why Did the Financial Crisis Occur - Again?


Did you know that there were more Financial Crisises before 2008's?

There were quite a bit, actually. But if you dig deeper, all those facts show that the government were to blame. But how?

At least 3 financial crisises happened before the previous one and the government acknowledged that for a fact yet still hadn't set straight rules for the UK. They let the individual bankers' bosses tempt them to risk tons of money, allowed residents of the United Kingdom to ask for loans they were very sure they would not be capable to pay back. They have had 10 years to create those rules but no members of parliament have warned David Cameron or Theresa May (the prime ministers in that space of time) that something needs to be done.

If our prime ministers had done what really needed to be done, what would our community be like today?

The amount of money that we had lost when the financial crisis happened was colosal. My school's city, London, has a lot of buildings being refurbished and renovated. We have taken a lot of time to do this and still - we need more money. The loss has affected us a lot and London could have been modern and its population could have increased massively! Thank you for reading my post! Please comment below if you agree or disagree with what I've said and why!

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