why is this happening?


I blame the bankers bosses because they said to the individual bankers bring more of the public and the individual bankers took the risk to take the money.As well the government were taking the publics money and used it to save the banks.Also the public lost there jobs because the government and bankers couldn’t give them money.Some of the public were to greedy to get money so they had to pay what they had afforded.Some people are negative and positive about there job through the financial crisis.

This affected some people’s life because people had to move out of there homes and take there keys then they can’t go back to there old homes.Aswell some of the public were getting homeless so they tried to borrow money from the banks.

I think the govenment should make stricter rules for the banks because if the public dont pay it back the bank doesnt get any intrest so public cant borrow any money

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk 27 Nov 2018

    Hi appreciative_shark

    Can you find another discussion looking at who is to blame and pick out the reasons you agree or disagree with?