Coronavirus and how deadly

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The coronavirus is a virus that strikes when not washing hands or spreading germs by coughing or sneezing in hands, but by not washing them that way you leave germs that could even cause you to catch the coronavirus. To prevent this from happing you must wash you’re hands for approximately 20 seconds and sometimes even use hand sanitizer. Older people will have an even harder time to stop the coronavirus as they are vulnerable to it, as children aren’t as much, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Now all of Italy is quarantined due to the coronavirus ,so are we now because of spreading germs we are at risk at catching the virus.The coronavirus is not as deadly for kids but is very deadly for elderly and vunerable people. People with the coronavirus will be put in isolation to not spread the disease to other people, this way it will not harm the people who are keeping safe as this way it wont spread as quickly and will eventually be gone and over with. To prevent getting the coronavirus you must wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitizer, this way you will get rid of 99.9% of the germs on your hands that you've picked up from sick people or disgusting places full of germs. You will need to use you’re hand sanitizer or 'wash you're hands' regularlary. You must wash you're hands for exactly 20 seconds to make sure all the germs are gone, to keep healthy and not in isolation or in hospital due to you're illnesss or condition you must make sure you use this method to wash you're hands. Due to COVID-19 we are now on lockdown and we will be for a bit of time, as we cannot see our freinds and family due to the social distancing rule, BUT we can still speak to our freinds and our family on the phone or any device you can use to call people on. We must keep safe by not touching your eyes, mouth and nose as these are the places where germs are most likley to live or be hiding in. This way we will not spread this virus by staying at home and not leaving to go to your familys or freinds house. If so you will risk both yours and the people you are vistings lives, as it is very contagious and is not a joke as this is a very serious subject.

this was a joint work with loved_moose and educated_peach and enlightened and thsestend_crab and quick_octopus

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