Do we need more hospitals???

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Do we need more hospitals?

I think we need more hospitals because people have been waiting to be treated, and I think if anyone needs attention they should get it! Lets say someone broke their leg, and waiting to be treated then they say just few minutes. So you wait a while later, then someone comes in and says they fell out of a tree, and only broke their leg and they go in before you. And I think that everyone should be treated to when they get injured or it is unfair that people don't get treated when they really need it! Also, I think that we need more hospitals because, so many people get hurt nowadays and it is vital to get to everyone as quick as possible. And I am not trying to say that the nhs do not work hard enough, they work hard enough it is that so many people wait a while to get a check up! We need more hospitals although it will cost a lot it will be great money invested!

Soory NHS if I offended you! Share your comments down below I will read it and reply!

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