A guide to posting about The Future of Health Care

Thank you to everyone who has started posting and commenting for our brand new Issue: The Future of Health Care. We are really excited to see so many great comments already - we feel this is going to be a very popular Issue!

In this Issue, we will be learning what the NHS is, debunking any myths and misunderstandings, and answering challenging questions about how it can keep looking after us in at a time of budget cuts, staff shortages, and an ageing population. To help you have the best conversations possible, there's a few big guidelines we'd like everyone to follow:

  1. As wonderful as they are, poems and A-Z's do not tend to lead to juicy discussions, so we won't be approving them.
  2. You might have heard personal experience of the NHS. If you wish to share a personal experience that helps support a point you're making, you're free to do so. However, don't feel you have to share anything you don't want to, especially if it makes you upset. The best thing is to ask your teacher if you're unsure about sharing something.

Obviously there is a lot of talk in the news about the Coronavirus. Please make sure any posts are about health care and the NHS, and are posing questions you think we need to be asking as we work out how to protect its future.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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