Health care manifesto - the BNC

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£100bn+(as much as they need)

At present day the NHS is highly under pressure due to under funding, lack of staff, low level of training for new doctors, nurses and support staff, poor working conditions (inefficient equipment) and a serious virus going around causing a lot of distruption and patient discomfort.

Taxes will rise for people that can afford to pay more and 100% of that extra tax will go towards funding for the NHS

The extra money raised will pay for training for a further 25% more doctors and nurses. Also we will be investing money into new and exsisting hospitals as well as new modernised equipment

As a priority, another 50% of the money will go directly to developing vacines and cures for viruses and illnesses such as the covid-19 and cancer of all types.

We will accomplish everthing above within the next 3 years and this we absolutely promise that this will be achieved.

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