How is the BNC responding to the coronavirus?

Hello from everyone at the BNC - Tom, Olivia, Tiff, Emily, Molly, Claire and Harriet!

We thought we'd share how we are responding to the coronavirus:

We're following government advice


We're now working from our homes to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Schools are still open and the government advice is for students and teachers to keep attending. We're also following the government advice to not go out unless its really necessary, and to keep a distance from others when we are out.

We're still on the Hub to moderate your discussions, run the competitions, create quizzes and put your questions about the NHS to experts. We've also added a range of new activities that you might have missed if you've been home from school - head to our Editors' Picks to have a go at them!

We're providing you with up-to-date, reliable information on the coronavirus

We've made a special post called 'The coronavirus: your daily update' which will summarise the main news and give you links to find out more about particular breaking stories. There is also advice if you're worried about the coronavirus. We are not experts, but we can link you to advice from those who know best.

We're sharing the good news stories!

The news can be worrying, and so it's important to read about happy and uplifting stories that come out of this situation. At times of difficulty, people often show their best sides.

Did you hear about Becky Wass' postcard campaign to encourage people to offer help to their neighbours?

Or the shop in Cornwall opening their doors early to help older people get their shopping?

You'll see more stories like this added to the daily update page - keep your eyes peeled, and keep writing!

Tiff's video diary!

Tiff is in self-quarantine, following government advice to stay inside as she has a cough - one of the symptoms of the coronavirus. Watch her video diary below!

IMG_8399 (1) from The Economist Foundation on Vimeo.

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