How can we help the NHS?

So far I haven’t seen any posts this issue on how we can save the NHS, especially since the issue is the “future of healthcare.” So I decided to do this owing to the fact that discussions about this are continuously brought up in our BNC sessions.

I came across this article from the Guardian saying that a ten pound entrance fee could save the NHS. Sice the NHS is losing a lot of funding service is going very down hill. Since this article was written in twenty fourteen it said that by twenty twenty there would be a shortfall of thirty billion pounds a year or more. I decided to do some research and decided to see is the prediction was true. I couldn’t find any exact money wise evidence; however, one article said that over fifteen thousand beds were cut in hospitals around the United Kingdom in the past six years by the government. This means that so many patients can’t have the proper treatment because the hospitals aren’t being given the money to have the proper facilities. A ten pounds membership fee can do a lot for the NHS especially if everyone in the Uk pays it. Even though the NHS gets everything it needs from our tax’, it’s not really fair to argue that they’re not doing their job properly because they have to do what they can actually do and whats best for the patient and the other patients that they are taking care of. However, I am finding that I have to contadict my own argument, especially since throught this issue I have heard a lot of NHS horror stories. And one that has really stuck out to me is about the young boy with pneaumonia, who has to sleep on the floor. I have used this source many times before mainly because it’s a very good demonstration of the lack of funding the NHS is given and how we can look to find change in our lives.

One another Guardian article one of the solutions to saving the NHS is to fine people for appointments they miss or cancel at short notice. In the United Kingdom about 10% of all NHS appointments go to waste owing to the fact that patients do not turn up for them. As a result of this it should therefore result in a fine. Furthermore another 10% of all NHS appointments go to waste becausepatients cancel them at the last minute or at short notice, without giving NHS workers the time to refill the spots. Due to this up to 20% of NHS appointments go to waste because of careless patients not attending or cancelling at the last minute. There should be a charge for cancelling an appointment with short notice like dentists have. This could make people think that they might lose a lot of money if they don’t turn up to their next appointmen. I don’t want to use the word care; however, this solution is really using that sort of technique.

Another way to save the NHS is to Introduce an all-party parliamentary committee working with all NHS staff groups, including managers and clinicians. This means that the government should have to work a lot closer with the NHS to see first hand what’s actually happening. Recommendations should be trial ran with patient groups; and then go out to public consultation. Owing to the fact that there is more than one problem that the NHS has the government shouldn’t just focus on the lack of funding that they are receiving but as well alas the future plan and vision for the NHS.

To add, doctors surgeries should be allowed to be open longer or have easily available walk-in centres so people don’t go to A&E because they’ve got a cut on their hand and other small injuries.

Furthermore, there should be more education done surrounding what help you need to get depending on you’re injury. We do first aid. Okay. But we don’t get told how we can respond to certain situations. This is a bit confusing so here is a few examples of the extended things we need to know: who to call; times when we don’t need to call; could we tend to the injury ourselves? In our school last year it was compoulsary to do an extra curricular s you weren’t allowed to choose but everyone got a go at everything. I got thought first aid in the first half term which was pretty helpfull becaus eknow I properly know how to perform CPR. But they only covered the serious things. The reason why I’m saying this is because a lot of people go into A and E because they have a slight burn or a cut on their hand. These are both pretty serious in some cases but we need to think, nine nine nine or one one one, A and E or GP. Because the hospital would have to spend a lot of time catering for something small when a leg could be broken and they urgently need a bed. They could also save a lot of money if a few patients didn’t come to the hospital because of burns and cuts.

In conclusion there are many things that could be done to save our NHS and at the same time we could all do our bit to

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    11 Mar 2020

    Thank you for such a thoughtful and considered post. Can you give us the link to the article you read? You seem to have summarised it well, so it will be useful for us to see which ideas are from there and which are your own.

    1. Braiswick Primary School succinct_leaves | Braiswick Primary School
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 15 Mar 2020

      None of them are their own because it was copied from an Editor's Pick. And on the original one it was hyperlinked in the phrase "this article from the Guardian" but when it was pasted the hyperlink didn't come through.

      1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
        succinct_leaves's comment 16 Mar 2020

        Thank you for pointing this out. The BNC team approve lots of posts and comments on the Hub so sometimes it is hard to spot when work has been copied. We take plagiarism very seriously and, should this happen again, champion_seahorse will not be allowed to use the Hub. The star has been removed, as this is not original work.

  • Braiswick Primary School succinct_leaves | Braiswick Primary School
    15 Mar 2020

    I have chosen to comment on the point you raised about people missing appointments with only short notice or no notice at all. The solution you raised was that the government could make it so you get a fine when you miss an appointment - with short notice. But I don't think that is a good idea; the idea that came to my mind while I was reading this an investigation should be held where workers look into the reason why the person missed it. If, for example, the reason the person was late is that they got a call and they had to be somewhere immediately then they shouldn't receive a fine. However, if the reason was something like they couldn't be bothered to go then they should receive a fine because it is "criminal" to put other people's lives in danger, even if it is by a reason like that. Additionally, if you were poor and busy with your job that should be taken into account as you might be worn out from your job. The investigators need to be considerate and see the context explaining why they were tired. The only problem I can see with this system is that we would need a lot more workers to take up these jobs, and when the current jobs can't even get filled, I don't think even more will. And that reason alone - I think - makes that system not a good idea for us to implement into the NHS to help its cause.

    If you can come up with a better idea - or agree/disagree with mine - reply to my comment saying why, and I will consider your opinion. Also, can you write if maybe my solution could be altered slightly to make one with no problems, or at least one where problems are very rare to find, if that makes any sense.

    by succinct__leaves

  • Lyons Hall Primary School intrepid_hurricane | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    18 Mar 2020

    There are dozens of ways we can help, support and care for the NHS. Let's start with the facts and see what we can do about them.
    ▪Out of 152 hospitals surveyed that have electronic medical records, about one-quarter of them still use paper records
    .▪To secure modest improvements in the NHS, it would need approximately 5% more funding each year
    ▪After ten years oof development, a new digital-care records system was still not functioning properly
    Let's talk about the first quote - medical and paper records. Personally, I believe that the paper records should be used in all hopitals and medical areas becuase, for example, if there was a power outage and the computers had shut down including all of the lights, when the electricity can back, the computer wouldn't be safe to touch becuase of the electronic features. However, if paper records were used to store infomation about the patient, one, it would be easier to move that data from place to place and two, when the power backed up, the doctor or nurse could just read the paper file instead of waiting for it to be safe to use the computer.
    Now the second qoute - modest improvements. This fact means that to make sure that the NHS has the modernised improvements that they need, it'll take 5% more funding each year! So, that probably states that our money that the government has in the form of tax should raise 5% in order to make that changes they need because if they don't, computers and machines could expire and the staff wouldn't be able to use them until and update of material and equipment. Looking on the other side, if they didn't update and used the funding for something else, then that would solve many problems like not having enough beds for children. There was this one boy who had a contagouse deasie and he had to sleep on a pile of coats on the floor becuase there weren't enough beds.
    Next is the third and final quote- non-functioning machines. This problem can be solved by raising the money the government pays the NHS like I said in my previous and first solution. If machines and electric softwares can't function, then they will all need an update or in general, a new one. When the government pays the NHS, they only pay a little and spend more of that profits on something else like creating new buildings with that money. But, if the more of that money went to the NHS, then one, they would be able to pay their staff, two, buy and update machines and three, hire new staff to help with the current situations and treat people.

    To conclude, I think that these are some of the ways we could support and help the NHS in their future of health care.

    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      intrepid_hurricane's comment 19 Mar 2020

      This comment shows excellent open-mindedness. Well done. Which do you think should be the priority - the one that has the strongest reasons to support it?

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