Improving facilities

The NHS has facilities that are efficient, but need to be improved. Electronics, like the computers storing the data, have to be modernised to allow quicker access to the files. If you had a patient who visited the hospital with worrying frequency, you would need to access the files to know what issue he has, mental or phisical. The hospitals do have state of the art equipment but some things are decades old, and the circuits don't respond properly. The computers and phones, tablets and iPads must slowly improve, to prevent data leaks. The x days are state of the art, but the NHS don't always have enough money. In times of crisis , they might need to purchase things , but they cannot afford it.

Private hospitals should fund the NHS sometimes, because they have vast amounts of money at their disposal and they just keep it. The money should go somewhere where it is needed. The NHS need it. They have millions of operatives and not always enough to pay their wages. The improved technology would ease the pressure, as they are faster, more efficient, and less chances of a short - circuit.

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