My Beneficial National Community (BNC) speech

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I am honourable_ meerkat and I am the leader of the Beneficial National community party (BNC).

‘Good morning to you all. To Mr speaker and the rest of the politicians in the houses of commons. As you may know I am the Beneficial National Community party leader. The NHS is under a very large quantity of tension. The massive, stressful general election coming nearer every minute. Large parties competing to get to the winning position (the Government) and creating manifestos to proudly reveal to the voters, community and citizens. This is my manifesto.’

‘The NHS is obtaining many problems such as: in 2066 26% of the adults are reaching sixty-five year old and older, which means there will be a larger number of adults with long term problems, and that will put strain on the NHS. There are more than 100,000 jobs that are not filled in England, which will lead to the problem like in December 2019, when every major A&E unit in England failed to defeat its waiting- time target. It cost nearly eight times as much to treat someone, who is ninety than someone who is thirty, so we need to increase the amount we provide.’

‘I pledge that I will increase the amount of money I give to the NHS as it costs eight times as much to cure a ninety-year-old than a thirty-year-old. This matters as every citizen deserves to be healed. I will try to recruit more staff for the national health service. This concept subjects because it can resolve other obstacles such as the waiting target and there can be greater than ten million operations. I will attempt to send out health specialists to the community and schools to explain how crucial it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This would remove the pressure on the national health service if everyone was healthy because if you are healthy, you will rarely become sick. This suggestion matters as 28% of the adults in the United Kingdom are obese, which means internationally nearly three times as many people are overweight than in 1975. I will ensure that I raise the quantity of money to the NHS as the cost of healthcare is rising because people are living longer, and the expense of IT and medicine is growing. The NHS 111 calls are approximately one million calls every month. This involves the population escalating because the more the people arrive the more calls there might be. So, I will pay more on the organisation.’

‘The short-term ambitions I want to accomplish swiftly (if my party is voted) is to recruit additional medical/health staff so patients don’t have to wait any longer. That means the people are more satisfied with our wonderful service. Another single aspiration is to achieve the awaiting-time aim (if we receive more health staff) as more residents can be examined immediately. Finally, my last brief- duration desire is to instantly boost the size of cash that is invested on the NHS because as I explained, it values eight times as much to cure a ninety-year-old than a thirty-year-old. This could be used on medications as the sum expands.’

‘My long-term objectives, which I would want to look into the future (yet again if my party is elected) is to constantly update the IT scheme so the citizens don’t have to wait any longer because of the computer delay. Staff and patients don’t need to be exasperated. Another extended-time intention is to send out health experts to advise locals, such as schools and the society to acquire a nutritious routine. Finally, for my last long-term goal is to enhance the service by 5% each year for its modest improvements.’

‘You should vote for me as my strategy will develop the NHS significantly. I am extremely confident that it will operate magnificently. It will perform amazingly as it maintains its remarkable service.’ Ihope I can do this between 2021-2025

‘I believe that I am a responsible, accountable and dependable leader. Always remember, The NHS. Britain’s pride and joy.’

‘Please vote for me. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.’

Honourable_ meerkat

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