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Good afternoon, I represent the BNC and this is our manifesto to completely change and improve the NHS. We know there are problems we have to fix. Firstly, we promise to modernise the IT system. By making the computers faster and more efficient, we will save money and lots of time. Secondly, we understand that there are staff shortages and we pledge to hire 100,000 more nurses and doctors. Thirdly, we will undertake a nationwide campaign to promote healthy choices. Less people with overweight problems like diabetes and obesity will reduce the burden on the NHS. Lastly, we promise to build hospitals to save people travelling long distances. We strongly believe that all these promises together with more training opportunies, will look after the NHS for the next 100 years. We genuinely care about the NHS but we know it can always improve. We can ensure you that our promises will not be forgotten. We are the ones that will make the changes needed so vote for us, YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    03 Apr 2020

    Where will you find the money for the new hospitals, and how will you hire 100,000 more nurses and doctors?

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