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Some of the current challenges which the NHS face is the growing and aging population, evolving health care needs such as obesity and diabetes, or antibiotic resistance.

Firstly, in my manifesto my first promise would be to prioritise the NHS ( National Health Service) as people will benefit, because they will be healthier and happier, alongside the British economy growing at an extraordinary rate ; people will be able to work harder.

For my second promise, I would promote healthy choices, as this is an individual effort and would not cost the government financially. Each individual is in control of them self's however, friends or family members could simply use a few motivational words to urge them on to do the right thing.

My next promise would be to increase the income of doctors, nurses and receptionists, as they are on the front line day in, day out. This would also encourage more people to become members of this profession, due to the fact that the pay would be more reasonable and it could influence a happier environment to work in.

Another current problem is the unupdated equptment, which with already a lack of staff, is a growing problem. Some of this much needed equipment encludes faster computers, which can logically bring up patients files, and medical tools, which can help diagnose costumers with a problem. Some people may argue that this equipment may need to keep on being updated.

Finaly, my last proposal is to create a system that carefully manages their budget and stock, so there is no waste of money or storage. This also means that staff will be able to easily locate much needed medicine and prescriptions.

My short term goal will be to ensure all customers receive the same quality of service, whereas my long-term goal will be to make the NHS the most reliable service in the world!

In conclusion, I believe that I am an accountable, responsible, trust-worthy leader, who will listen to the public and take their ideas into consideration. Therefore, please vote for me,


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