NHS hospitals do we need more?

Firstly, I believe that we do need more NHS hospitals because we only have 1,257 NHS hospitals in England and there are 66.4 million people in England so I think we need more hospitals with the NHS.

We definitey need more because so many people get illnesses and injuries and go to hospitals. But due to the covid 19 going around if it gets worse I think we would need at least 10 more hospitals as think about China they a hospital with 2,600 beds in a month and I believe we can get this done. There are always so many people who try to book an appointment at a hospital it normally takes ages and your appointment gets late.

I think from all this we need to build more because we cannot afford people to come in with serious injury and there will be no room for them when it could be life threatening injury/disease that could be affect crucial part of their body like the heart. Us as a country just can't not help the NHS of what they going through to give them the funds to help people with illnesses and injuries. I think it is now up to the government to help us save people and maybe help stop the coronavirus and do it for free which help massively fir every single soul in England.

Therefore, after al, of this I think the government should just give up a little bit of their to help save many people. So I think that we definitely build more hospitals off the NHS this would then help massively.

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