Our NHS experts are ready for your questions!

It's a new Issue, so we have new experts, ready to take your new questions!

Even if you've had just one session of the BNC, get thinking of what you'd like to ask and post your questions below.

So far, we have:

Dame Donna Kinnair, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Nursing. In the past, Dame Donna has been "Head of Nursing" and has described her current role on the leadership team as "quite simply the best job in nursing". What questions do you have for her about nursing and the NHS?

Caroline Dove, Chief Executive of NHS Elect. Caroline has spent her entire career working in the NHS. She has a passion for making big changes in the NHS to improve the service - and set up NHS Elect in 2003 to provide high quality support, training and resources to health care organisations across the country. You might want to ask Caroline questions about how making big changes which affect the whole NHS.

Nutritionist Hala El-Shafie. You might have seen Hala on television - she gives advice on eating well on BBC's Live Well for Less, and How to Lose Weight Well on Channel 4. Hala is very keen to help people eat well and look after themselves, so you might want to ask her questions about this area of our NHS Issue.

Dr Ali Hasan, Clinical Affairs Director at Vitality. Dr. Hasan has a lot of experience working in private health care - which is where people pay for their treatment and do not use the NHS. You might want to ask Dr. Hasan about the role private companies could play in the future of health care.

We've now sent off your questions - keep your eyes peeled to see what they have to say!

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