Should the NHS collaborate with the private health care sector?

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In a collaboration like this private hospitals would share beds with the NHS, free of charge, and lend the NHS money.

We think a collaboration like this would be a good idea because,

Firstly, the NHS is facing many financial issues, this is because of the growing population and how the government has underspent on the NHS, in 2005 the government spent 24 billion on the NHS, the new government is promising more but if you add inflation to the equasion that 34 billion is decreased and with the virus situation and the growing pressure on the NHS, that figure is not sufficient. The private healthcare sector is not under financial difficulty, many private trusts could collaberate as well to gather enough money to give to the NHS, the NHS would, in return, give the participating hopitals resources that the NHS are not short off.

Secondly, the NHS is very short of beds, ten years ago, they had 300,000 beds and now that number has decreased by half to 150,000 ; this has resulted in very long waiting times in A&E. A boy had to sleep on a pile of coats in A&E when he had pneumonia, this has to stop. The private sector could allow NHS patients to use private hospital beds without having to pay, this would, in turn, reduce waiting times and reduce strain on the NHS.

In conclusion, we think a collaboration between the NHS and the private healthcare sector, would be beneficial because it would relieve strain on the NHS in multiple areas.


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  • Hammond School logo sociable_volcano | Hammond Junior School B
    13 Mar 2020

    Wow that is a great post, How did the boy sleep on coats and no nurse saw or if they did see, care about him cause that should be illegal. I also 100 % agree with you.

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  • romantic_speech | Whyteleafe School A
    24 Mar 2020

    I am not sure because the thought of someone sleeping on a pile of coats in A&E is terrible but then on the other hand some people an not afford to pay for private health care and will therefore lead to more people becoming sick.

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  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg emotional_cherry | Noel Park Primary School
    30 Mar 2020

    I think that if the NHS works with private heath cares, it would solve its funding problems, but I do think they still should provide free healthcare to the people who don't have enough to be treated.

    If they become partly a private health service for 2 years, they could be able to improve their IT systems and hire more staff, but of course they won't be partly a private health service once they have enough to provide free healthcare for everyone.

    But many might not be pleased if they were partly a private health service.

    So overall, I think they should but not forever.

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      emotional_cherry's comment 30 Mar 2020

      I think it would be best to keep children away from working in hospitals due to the current coronavirus pandemic, but you make interesting arguments for either side in a normal scenario. There's another question - should children be allowed to do paid work at all?

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  • Hammond School logo focused_blackberry | Hammond Junior School C
    07 Apr 2020

    I think that the NHS collaborating with the private health care sector could be a good idea as they might have better services, and the NHS could use the money given by private health care to treat more patients and buy more beds to increase the amount of patients per hospital, also reducing the problems that the NHS currently has. It could also be a good idea as a private health care company would probably have excellent IT systems within their company, which the NHS would use to upgrade their current IT systems, therefore solving another problem the NHS has.

    On the other hand, this could be a bad idea as then the NHS wouldn’t be so National, as if they collaborated with a private health care company, they would do the same things as them; charging money for health care. This would result to many people not using the NHS as they would not even be able to, so more beds in their hospitals would be for nothing since they would have less patients. This would make it a bad idea for collaboration as some of their services wouldn’t do very much to the NHS, and might even make it worse.

    In conclusion, I think that the NHS collaborating with a private health care company is a bad idea as it could result to many people over the country leaving it and not being able to go back to it, therefore having no health care to go to.

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