Should the NHS take action to tackle the coronavirus?

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I think that they should help battle the coronavirus as it will only get worse and is already proving a problem in Europe and many other countries around the world. The coronavirus already has over 373 known cases in England alone and it will only spread to become a worldwide problem. It would be better for the NHS to battle the coronavirus while it is reasonably small than when it becomes such a problem that they then have to help. We can already see that it will only get worse so leaving it for the people of the future to deal with when it becomes really bad is not the right thing to do. Yes, I believe that the NHS has to take action because Covid-19 is the only coronavirus that humans have not adapted to repel, making it one of the deadliest diseases in the 2000’s. We, british citizens, have the right to a free healthcare service and if we are not to be protected from the Covid-19, then our british rights are being compromised. Also the Covid-19 outbreak is highly contagious, and if the UKis overrun then transport, shipping, flights, business and, eventually, everything we can think of will be disrupted. This pandemic is the only one for a long time that has spread to the entire world. The main people that we want to protect are the doctors and nurses, because these are the people that we are relying on to save the UK from potentially being overrun by Covid-19 and, (excuse my pessimism) turning the world into a wild land of animals, rid of humans. A global issue like the corona virus has not happened in a long time and companies like the coronavirus) could be impossible to happen as the NHS is too underfunded and (unless the NHS are struggling to cope with this global epidemic as its resources and staff (it is under staffed). The question that we are trying to answer (should the NHS take action to tackle the government funds the NHS more) the NHS can not help anymore than they already are. Also, note that the NHS are helping to tackle this epidemic already and they are doing all that they can to help the UK (note that I did say the UK not any other country) and all the British people (or people living in Britain) who have the coronavirus over come this and carry on living there life as per usual. Also the NHS is doing a small amount of research into developing a vaccine for this epidemic.


The NHS already have a lot to deal with anyway at the moment and at the moment the coronavirus is only really affecting old people so there is no need to take action at the moment. There have only been not many deaths and in that case the NHS should not do anymore to help us, because the National Health Service already has enough patients to deal with, so if it has to deal with the recent outbreak, then it will probably let us down. Another reason is that the NHS might not be able to handle the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 and would probably struggle even more than they already are. They then might decide that it is too much trouble for them to handle and could just hand it over to the government to solve. The NHS have lots of struggles as it is under so much stress and has other problems to deal with. Some world wide catastrophe like this cannot be controlled by the NHS. The chances of the NHS solving this tragedy is very slim and will just use up their remaining money and potentially put them in debt.

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    03 Apr 2020

    Thank you for this post, accomplished_reality. You've brought in a number of ideas but it's important to correct a few things in it:

    1. The UK has more than 373 cases, with the number of cases rising all the time - at time of writing, 38,168 cases have been confirmed.
    2. There is no chance of the world becoming rid of humans because the vast majority of those with Covid-19 experience mild symptoms and get better within days.
    3. The coronavirus is affecting a number of people both elderly and young, so we shouldn't say 'only old people'
    4. The government and NHS are not working separately on this - it is with the government's money that the NHS is tackling the pandemic and caring for those who are ill.
    5. It's incorrect to say the NHS are trying to 'solve' the tragedy, as it is an unfolding situation which they are responding to.

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