The coronavirus, Will this effect the NHS?

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The coronavirus?

Many of us know about the coronavirus but if you dont for some reason I will give you a breif description of what it is. The coronavirus originated in china and is believed to have been spread from animals over to humans. It is a bit like having a flu or cold but we just havent found a cure yet. To prevent getting or spreading this just try and wash you hands thoroughly.

Ok I will get to my point now.

What this has to do with the NHS!

There are many people who are calling up hospitals or even visiting public hospitals with sick people in who believe they may have the coronavirus. This isnt always the case but if they do end up to have the virus the people in the hospital have to then be tested themselves and the poor peole who are ill cant get treated as they are being tested. This plays havoc with the hospital and many people in the area have to go to a different hospital. How is the government going to pay for this massive income in people in one hospital? There are already many hospitals that are understaffed what will happen then?

Please dont worry about the coronavirus for many kids have brilliant emune systems and even if you do get the viras 9 times out of 10 you will be completely fine :)

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