What does the NHS have to look at?

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The NHS have to look at several things.


The population is getting older.18%(in 2016) of UK residents were aged 65 or over and now because of that the NHS has to focus on how many eldery people will be coming for surgeries and if the might have medical issues.In 2066 it is estimated that 26% of UK residents will be 65 or over.

Electronic systems

The NHS uses 21 different electronic systems to record how many patients came in what year but some of these systems don't communicate well so maybe when a doctor treats a new patient they don't know what has happened in the past.A quarter of the 152 hospitals in UK use paper to record the data of patients.

Staff and jobs

In England the NHS has nearly 100,000 that are not filled and that's as many staff as it would take 10 large hospitals.Hospitals include about 40,000 nurse vacancies and nearly 10,000 doctor vacancies.


Cost of healthcare is going up because people are living longer these days,because of that the cost of medicine needs to go up.Did you know that is costs nearly eight times as much to cure someone who is 90 years old than a person who is 30 years old.

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