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The NHS is 70years old and is the National Health Service for England. It’s astonishing how many calls they receive every single minute of every single day (20!) But things like Brexit are affecting how many people like doctors and nurses they have.

At the moment, as it is the National Health Service the government give them money to pay staff and be able to afford life changing medicines and pills. As well as this they need to distribute the money for paying staff and at the moment ,they don’t have enough to give everyone what they are due. Therefore, doctors are leaving as they are not getting pay as much as they should.

Adding to that, the NHS spend £4677 every minute which is a lot if you think about it. Imagine how much money they spend every year!

This chart represents the UKs expenditure and what they spend it on. In the pie chart, it says that health (The NHS) has 18.8% of the money that they give to services like the police and transport. That is £145bn, which is a lot and I mean a lot of money. Although, that is still not enough. In my opinion, I think the government need to give the NHS more so that it gets a 1/5 (20%) this is going to sound like a tiny change but it actually means that they would be receiving so ,so much more.

They would be able to reach their target of everyone who goes to A and E to be served in 4 hours. They would also have many higher qualified doctors.

If was to give the NHS the extra 1.2% then I would need to take some off Social Protection as that is basically the Police Force. I would do this as it spreads across 2 different sections the other section is Public order and Safety which also includes the police.

In conclusion, I believe that the Government’s expenditure could be spread more evenly across the sections. In my Opinion, is I think that The NHS need more money from the Government, even 1.2% would bring the total of the NHS’ pay they receive from the Government.


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