Cafe owner Natasha Sayliss answers your questions!

Thank you for all of your questions to Natasha Sayliss, owner of Mae + Harvey cafe who featured in the Roman Road video in Session 3. We picked 5 to ask her, and you can see her fantastic answers below. We are sure you will find what Natasha has to say fascinating - it certainly taught me us a lot about work in her industry at the moment!

We'll let Natasha introduce herself...

How does it feel to be part of many people's lives?
ingenious_independence, Upton Cross Primary School

What are the main skills you need in a job like yours?
dazzling_keyboard, Ditton Primary School

How were you able to help your business survive the pandemic, and was there a time you felt you lose it forever? flowing_strategy, Michael Faraday School fiery_impression, Upton Cross Primary School

What was the biggest challenge you faced in reacting to the pandemic?
impartial_shark, Boutcher Primary School

And a final message from Natasha...

I'm sure you'll want to join me in thanking Natasha for giving such thoughtful answers to your questions. I'm sure you will have lots more!

What else would you want to know about setting up your own business? Add your comments, thoughts and any further questions below.

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