After covid will people still do zoom and teams? (Joint post with magnificent_argument)

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Hello I am willing_radio and this is a joint post with magnificent_argument! (I want to give most of the credit to them!). :)

As you may already have been,aware poeple have started using teams and zoom, due to the pandemic. As a result, they have become more popular and are in the top ten most downloaded apps! And there is many ways to use them such as, meetings,classes,clubs and many more!

Do you think people will continue using these apps after the pandmeic?

Reasons for:

We personally think, most business will continue this but others may think differently. The reasoning behind this is, it makes a greater chance of more people being either on time or early and it will also save many from buying petrol and driving the long hours whereas, you could just click a few buttons and your in! This could also help some as they won't need to pay for childminders. Overall this may be a great choice, it will save money and people won't have to drive long hours just to get to thier job and their creativity won't be drained during the long ours of driving!

Reasons against:

We think that some business's won't want to do teams and zoom! Reasoning behind this is that some business may want to work face to face! And some people may go out to a near coffee shop or restaurant and if they do it online there will be less people coming there and soon after, the coffee shop or resturant may go out of buisness wich will be bad! Although, people may be early to do zooms and teams sometimes people could sleep in or the meeting migh lag out! And it could also cause people to get distracted easily in their own homes!


Concluding all of this, there can be pros and cons such as, saving money or people can sleep in! Overall, there is two sides good and a bad some people may see more of a good then a bad or more of a bad then a good! We are wondering what do you think? Do you see more of a positive affect or a negative affect? Write your opinion in the comments below! :)

And that's our post done! Hope you all enjoyed it! :)

By willing_radio and magnificent_arguement!

(write down in the comments on what we should improve on our next post!)

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  • Hammond School logo peaceful_raccoon | Hammond Junior School B
    14 Dec 2020

    I think that people still should still do zoom meetings and Microsoft teams because Clovis will never be normal again and people are worried that even when the vaccine is here, there might still be some coved particles flowing through the air.

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  • Hammond School logo loyal_cymbals | Hammond Junior School C
    15 Dec 2020

    Hi willing_radio and magnificent_argument this is a very good question, here is my opinion.

    There are good and bad things about using zoom and teams calls for work. The good things are that that particular company can employ people to work for them from all over the world because they won't need to fly to the particular company where they have been employed for a job they can just do it on a zoom call they can. This is also very good for the environment because many people won't be using cars so there won't be as much petrol and diesel in the air. The final thing that I think is really good for working from home is that it is going to save people quite a lot of money because they won't be using their car as much so you won't need to be paying to fill your car up as frequently.

    The bad things about working from home is that some people might become quite lazy because they will just be sitting at a desk on a call all day they might become quite antisocial. People might start not going outside and not going to the park for a walk with a friend because they won't be going outside to go to work they just might not feel the need to meet with friends anymore. Another thing that is bad about doing work on zoom calls is that many people will become quite tired by doing that all day because they will just be sitting down and staring at a screen and then they might not want to go on the calls because they are too tired and they might have a bunch of work to do and they could start getting really overwhelmed by how much they need to do. The final thing that I think is bad about working across calls because some workers might not own or be able to afford any technology for them to be able do the work because they can't join the calls which means if they can't go into the office at all they will not be getting any money unless they get another job and they might not be able to support their family or themselves.

    Thank you for reading

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      loyal_cymbals's comment 15 Dec 2020

      Great problem-solving skills shown here...and I am now worried about the fact I have had lots of Zoom calls today and haven't been for a walk - thanks for reminding me!

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    2. Hammond School logo willing_radio | Hammond Junior School A
      loyal_cymbals's comment 15 Dec 2020

      Woah that’s amazing well done for your star! :)

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