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I know this isnt about the work we are doing but i wanted to say well done evryone for the post and comments, stars you've been getting and i wanted to say keep it up.As you can see, BNC is helping us to work together and to find out peoples oppinion. As you saw [ in the America election ] we were talking about who we want to make it to the America election and be the president there.Now we are working about the Future of Work and we were also talking about what are jobs and how are they important.


I think the most important job is a nures or a Docter. And i also think a Mum or Dad. You might think " why ?". But ill tell you. The reason a Docter and Nurse are important is because they help people to sevive from what happened to them and that wont make them just ahppy but God and thet family happy. BECAUSE God wants you to help your people and the family is counting on you to to save a family member.Think, if a family meber was saved/ or died, how would you feel?And now what you were asking!

How is a parent [ with child ] a job?

The reason is that when you look after the child is a job because like a Docter, you look after people but as a parent you look after your child. I think when your a parent you make your child [ children ] food and and giving them homwork to do , wash them , dress them , tuck them to bed and some more.... But as a parent you look after the child and thats why its a job. You also might have a baby in your belly and the baby is kicking you. You are looking after the baby and the reason i think people get merried is to make new lifes and that carries on! As you can see you have a parent and withought them you would be here right now or reading this!Back tpo the baby kicking the belly.....when a baby kicks you i think it wants your food becuase when you eat then i think the baby eats some of it after or the baby wants to come out and its anoyyed. You might have a job to do comments , get stars and right posts on BNC and when you go to school, that can be a job.

Now back to you

now when you right a comment try get a star and write some reason whats a impostant job. You might think its a cleaner or a singer because people watch you and you get a lot of money. Just think of some jobs and thank you for reading my post!!!!!


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