Could robots help the environment during Covid-19 and will they be useful

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Robots can be very useful sometimes and in some cases.For example in countries like china they have already started developing robots to work in places like cafes, resturants and even shopping centres.

But why and how will robots help us during the coronavirus??

Well because of coronavirus places were lots of people tend to go are now closing down due to the virus!!

This has had a vast inpact to the whole world. But if we had robot i think it would be much better because if we have robots.

Firstly,the reason why i think robot could be useful is because we would be staying a safe distance unlike when we have actual himan we are not really social distancing as much and In a place like a resturant for example if we had robots working there it would be moire helpful because that way we arent giving or reciving the virus from others but we could still catch it even if robots were there to help us, Also we would also be touching things less because robots could just help us if we needed something!

Secondly, I dont realky think robots are good also because imagine if someone a shop wanted a pack of eggs for a dicount mabe the robot might not be programmed to do those typeof thing or they might get out of control. This is only one point on why i disagree why robots are aso not useful sometimes.

Personally I think they wouldbe useful to theenviroment and robots can be and can not be useful but they should and could only be used in certain pandemics just like the coronavirus this is all I want to summarise but do you agree with me? If you have any disagreements pls write it down in the comment so I can make note on that and Know more about THE WORLD OF WORK!!

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