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Hello there! I'm flowing_strategy. This news report is about the future of work. This includes predicted changes in the future called The Gig Economy, Remote Working which I will focus on the most deeply in this report and Automation.


Firstly, let's start off with the Gig Economy!

The Gig Economy is an extremely flexible thing for the future of work because, it will introduce less stress and make it a more comfortable environment to work in. You can also work at multiple different jobs at a less stressful schedule as well. This is because if you were to be for example a taxi driver, instead of working on a fixed schedule on fixed hours and time, you could work more flexibly by being able to choose when you work. Like instead of working 11 hours a day, you could work for around 5 hours a day which would make people alot happier! But there are many issues with a gig economy. The most common reasons being lack of workers which would trouble the business a lot. Since there will probably be alot less people working, and for example if they are a small business with few workers, if some of their rest hours or times they aren't at work overlap and it's allowed, there could be no one working at all in that business! Which means they loose money, have many unhappy customers and cause delays like people need to see a family member at a specific time or need to catch a train/plane somewhere. And on the opposite of what I said about less stress. If your forced to increase your hours at multiple jobs, you will be extremely stressed and unhappy in the status and condition your working in. You might also need to need to make last-minute changes to your schedule which could disrupt other jobs that you have and any other plans you have, which isn't good when you think of it, you really wouldn't want to have changes to plans you've been waiting for so long.


Let's move onto Remote Working. Remote Working is also an amazing thing! Because of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, people have mainly moved onto remote working for their work! They have meetings on platforms like zoom and communicate with your fellow colleagues more simple than before. If you are an office worker, you will be able to type up and sign essays, documents and more, without having to drain all your energy trying to write a 5 page essay, meaning you can be more productive so you can enjoy your work more and be less tired. Your business could probably save loads more money than they ever have before by their expenses lowering! Since they probably don't need to pay their office bills .etc since most offices are most likely not to be used. But disadvantages are high. There are many more distractions at home than your workplace, especially if you have children. You could easily be disturbed by them and loose your focus doing your work. It's alot worse when your in a meeting, as you can tell, you'll easily be embarassed and distracted from listening to the meeting. They'll probably feel lonely inside an office with no colleagues/friends .etc inside with them as usual, which will lower the focus and motivation they have for work.

P3 - Automation

Automation is one of the biggest currently developing things in the present day as of the time this was written. You can build cars in minutes, create a whole food packet in seconds and create lots of other things so quickly! Robots can become things like hotel staff, waiters and a whole bunch of other jobs. It will create massive opportunities for the future such as speeding up service heavily. Since the demand for things like cars .etc are important to many industries, automation is probably the best step for them to move forward to. Businesses can earn more money, since they can probably produce more of that item, meaning they will probably be higher quality and alot more precise. It will be alot safer, and accidents will sharply decrease to almost nothing. But like every other prediction, there's cons. Many factory workers .etc will loose their job as their company is slowly transferring to robots and machines, that will just cause stress, and they will probably need to move house or even move abroad just to find a new job, which adds to the gradually piling amount of stress. The machines and robots are probably going to cost millions to create and millions to run.

P4 - The COVID-19 Pandemic

Now, some people may think that the COVID-19 pandemic is a massive turning point for work. Some of the major reasons why is because alot of the world has moved to remote working meaning having meetings in zoom .etc Many people say it's easier and more efficient. They can also spend more time with families in their bubbles and much more opportunities. Things like the gig economy have slowed down quite alot, since many businesses have had to either shut temporarily or even permanently. Meaning people part of it with multiple jobs and flexible hours might get less pay since they might've lost jobs which might also mean they won't have enough to support their family and themselves. They might have to work longer and harder which will mess up their schedule and plans. It also seems to have made everything muddle up, slow down, speed up and go chaos. Like automation. It's been shown that apparently, automation has risen by 105% during the time in the pandemic alone. Which like I mentioned, results in job losses with the same consequences. Less money, more stress and so on.

The pandemic has increased and sped up Remote Working. As people are now relying on apps like Zoom to do their work because of this pandemic, more people are moving their work and their businesses online instead because they cannot go to their office places or workplaces because of the virus. As previously mentioned it has positive and negative impacts, but personally I believe it has more positive benefits than negative impacts.

It's important for workers to have the skills of Listening, Speaking, Problem Solving and being creative. This is because you could improve the way you and your business works by listening to things like the news, your meetings or you just heard it online and it's been confirmed true. Speaking is important because people need to hear your voice. You could make a massive difference for people. It's also great to share your ideas with people which other people could use as something positive in the future. Problem Solving is important because when you think of it. In life and in work, you need to solve problems. For example, if no one knows how to fix like a crash in your profits, you might be the one to save your business, or in other cases you could bring up interesting fixes in meetings .etc. Being creative is also important because you could think of a brand new product for your business that no ones ever tried before! It could become a bestseller and become something could become famous for it! Basically meaning you could lead your business, someone or yourself to the road to success.

Finally, I think Problem-Solving is the most important skill for workers out of all. You can reduce your stress and be alot more comfortable at work by solving your own problems which include setting out schedules, how you'll do your job the best and as comfortably and happily you can do it. And overall, it will make your work a better place to be and do.

Thank you for reading my post!

- flowing_strategy

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