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Good afternoon everyone, this is Jade west with your 8pm news. Today we will be talking about the three predicted changes for the future of work: gig economy, remote working,automation, this one being the main focus today. You might be asking yourselves what automation is... here is a quick definition. Robots and machines will be the future of work, meaning no man-kind job would be needed in any industry.

I am with Veronica a London citizen.

Hi veronica, introduce yourself and tell me what problems might automation bring and what we can do to solve them.

Hi I am Veronica a 35 year old doctor.

I think one of the biggest problems is that people stop thinking and forget how to overcome daily tasks and eventually become lazy and technology dependent. So, we must educate our kids and make them more technology independent and conscious on how we cannot rely on automation to control our lives.

Thank you for that. You are right automation is not only a good thing isn' it.

I am here with April Roberts a 40 year old photographer.

what opportunities do you think automation might bring to the future?

Hi, I think in the future, the industry will have opportunities to develop some jobs that have to have more precision with robots and machines ,but they lower the jobs for humans . There are some jobs that human beings need to perform and it is these that will create new opportunities ,but they will not be enough for everyone.

Can you explain why some people think the pandemic is a turning point for work?

People think that the pandemic is a turning point because many had to stop going to work and start working from home. Others had to close their own business and wait for everything to improve before opening them again. It is a different way of life for everyone, and we must learn to adapt to it in the best way, both for our lives and for the economy of our country.

Yes indeed, we need to worry about our economy but especially our health and lives.

Last but not least how might the pandemic affect automation ?

I think that it will speed up the process of making robots and machines, to be able to do what people in lockdown can't do.

Thank you for that April.

Right now I am with the local counsellor.

Hi Garvis, can you tell me please why listening,speaking,problem solving and creativity are important for workers?

They are very important for the workers because it makes it easier for us to perform our daily tasks properly and to be able to develop all of our ideas, thoughts and emotions.

Can you tell everyone who is watching at home which skills are important for the future of work and why?

In my opinion they are all important, we need all of them to do a great job and to be able to socialise with people .

Thank you to all of you for shairing with us your opinions and knowledge.

Thank you for reading my final piece.


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