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Hello, my name is modest_glacier and I am going to be reporting about one catergory in, 'Future of Work.' I will be focusing on one of the catergories which is remote working because in my opinion I find it very interesting and I would love to explain everything about it.

In my opinion remote working might create problems in the future. Now the reason to this is that at home you may use a little more water and that then may effect your water bill by your money going up in price. If you do zoom meetings online, at home, your device might get slower and slower therefore you will have to buy a new one which will cost a lot of money. So remote working can effect you and your money a lot. This might predict changes and opportunities for the upcoming future.

I definitely think remote working might change working habbits because if you are stuck at home you just become more lazy so it may effect on many people's weight and their actions on how they think.

I think the pandemic might effect on peoples actions on what they are focusing on. This year (2020) has been a difficult and challenging year because most of us are stuck at home therefore that might change people's feelings. So they could be depressed. So this really effects on remote working for Future of Work.

I believe these skills will be important to workers:

  • Listening;
  • Speaking;
  • Problem Solving;
  • Creativity.


I think listening is very good for workers because when someone (like your boss) is telling you to go and start or finish something, you need to listen to what he is saying so you can do the task correctly.


In my opinion, 'speaking' is extremely good for stating statements or asking questions with your colleagues at work or with other working people. For example, if you are at the supermarket looking for supplies and you need help to find something, it is great if you speak to someone who is working their to help you find the supply that you need.

If you are in trouble and you need help it is good to communicate with someone to solve the problem and work together.

Speaking can relate to a lot of things such as co-operation because you are communicating the problem.

Problem Solving:

I believe that problem solving is really good for difficult equations or if you need to solve something in a test.

If you are competitive with challenges, you will want to get the answer to a question correct, right? Well if you are good with problem solving there is probably a 75% chance you will get the question right.


Creativity is so helpful for many things!

These are some things that creativity is helpful for:

  • Theartre plays;
  • Making things like paintings;
  • Fashion designs;
  • DT
  • Art;
  • Projects.

You will need Creativity for when your are a kid and when you grow up into an adult.

You will need creativity as a kid because when you are in school you and you are stuck, creativity and great knowledge is good to answer the equations properly.

When you are a adult you will need creativity for many things like presentations in a job. The reason why you will need this value for a presentation is because when you are an adult and you need a job, you have to earn money and pay bills. Therefore creativity is really important.

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    04 Jan 2021

    I like how closely you have connected our topic to your BNC skills, well done!

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