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Hello my report will be about automation.

Auto mation is about robots and them taking over humans jobs.The Gig Economy means you have loads of jobs on different days and you could have a day off whenever you like and remote working means when you just work from home.


The pandemic might create problems in the future because it could make loads of people lose their jobs and make alot of people lose their homes and become homeless.

But people could work from home to solve these problems since you would be social distancing and staying away from other people to keep everybdy safe.

this might although creat other opportunities aswell because some people have to use 2 trains to get to work but if you are working from home it could save you alot of money and you would'nt have to travel so far all the time.


Some people might think the pandemic is a turning point for work since some people could spend more time woth the people in the same house hold as them. the pandemic might make automation happen sooner because the robots could not catch the disease or spread the virus since it isnt a real life person.


it is really important for robots to start working since they would keep everyone safe because they dont have the virus and cant spread the diesease. listening is a really important thing for work because you need to listen for a job and if you cant do that they wouldnt want you to work there. if you cant listen then you would now what the customer is asking for and then the company you're working for will most likely start to lose customers.

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